Evolution of Munich

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This blog entry I will discuss the evolution of the German city of Munich. I will do this through the examination of both a historical map, as well as a map depicting the city in its more recent history.

(Stockdale, 2003)

In this map, illustrating the city how it was in the year 1800, we are immediately struck by a number of striking features. One of the first things the viewer notices is the relative small size of early 1800s Munich in comparison to most modern cities. This indicates towards the fact that in this era, the majority of families were based in the countryside, a stark contrast to the predominantly city dwelling population seen in present day society. Another feature of this map that quickly grabs our attention is the large wall, which completely surrounds the outer border of the city. This wall is indicative of the relatively primitive weaponry of the times. A wall such as this would have no effect against more advanced weaponry, meaning that the implementation of a feature such as this in a modern city would be redundant.

Displaying Screenshot_20161118-072828~2.png
(Flickriver, 2012)



This map shows Munich as it was in 1930, drawn more than a century after the first map. The huge expansion of the city is highly evident when we compare the two maps. What’s more, the changing land use of major cities is illustrated when we compare the layout of Munich in the two different eras. In this map, there is much less empty space, with almost all of the city’s available land take up by either residential or industrial features. This point towards the huge increase in people choosing to live in cities as opposed to more rural areal. Other features, highly prominent in the 1800 map of Munich, such as the wall surrounding the city’s border, have long since disappeared.


“Map of Munchen, 1800, J. Stockdale – Historic Cities.” 2003. 3 Oct. 2016 <http://historic-cities.huji.ac.il/germany/munchen/maps/stockdale_1800_munchen.html>

“München Plan 1930 – Munich Map 1930 – a photo on Flickriver.” 2012. 3 Oct. 2016 <http://www.flickriver.com/photos/isarsteve/7009350793/>



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